Attachment PDF of actual form added to email confirmation

Hi, Is there way of being able to add a attachment PDF of our designed forms using the actual finished form to an email confirmation, instead of the basic summary attachment?
The summary PDF option under email configuration options when ticked is too basic and does not meet our needs.
Our designed forms are used for Certification in mechanical products and require a detailed quality assurance certificate. We have designed a great form using your software using controlled text, picked from a dropdown box to pick the correct text info for the desired cert (this is achieved through using options rules)
However, when submitting the form we don’t see the form created but a basic report email - which is completely not helpful and doesn’t display all the form data?


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Hi Matt,
Let me check with the team on how we can make it support your use-case. I am sure we can add this in . Let us work and get back to you .

Kind Regards,