Form moved into an App and I can't retrieve it

Have a similar issue to another user (see link below) - couple questions:

  • How do we move it back to a form? Does this need to be done by support?
  • I could have missed it, but is there a warning that this will remove the form so it’s only accessible as an app?
  • When we have support needs, who do we need to contact? There’s only a generic form on the main page, but no phone number or direct email.

We’re in a panic mode at the moment - this wasn’t expected, and I want to ensure the higher-ups that your platform is safe/stable. Thanks!

My Form Data moved into App - How To - FormBot

Hi Mike Molenda,
No need to panic. I think you may have clicked on from settings section to move as app. I can move it back to forms if needed. Please provide me your user name and also the app link to get this resolved .

Kind Regards,

hi ,
So i see that you already have the form created on as follows, ← cdn usage
And a copy of app was also created as follows,

Confirm that i can get rid of the app url and keep the form one .

Kind Regards,

Hi Mehran,

We are not showing anything when we click on all forms. Below is a screen shot of what we are seeing.


We do show the Cyber74 Quotes in the app section. We need to have this moved back to a form. Can you clarify what you need from us to accomplish this? Thanks.


Please confirm if i can get rid of the app section and just keep the form as it was . I did not want to touch anything until got confirmation on it.

If i remove the app it should only show up in the forms section . As by design it can be either or when you convert a form into an app

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No worries - just double checking, we trust you :slight_smile:

Please remove the app so we only have the form. Thanks so much!

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Update done . Let me know if you see any issues . I kept a backup in case you changed your mind :).

In addition i have created task for my team to add following feature ,

  1. Show notification on the form setting screen that it would move the form into app
  2. Also added a task to let user move apps back to forms if converted from a form

Kind Regards,

Sounds great - we’ll take a look in the morning (7am US Eastern 10/25) and let you know if we need any changes.

Appreciate your help!!!

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