Issue with formbot Viewing Database

Hello Mehran and Team, when Iam trying to open our Viprasanchaya Database (View Form submission data) - [Server Error (] , I get a server error - 500

Its important for me to have access to this Database.

Can you kindly check this on a priority basis

Hi @uaebsagt ,
I tried to check submission data on my account it does not appears to have any errors on my side .
Could you provide more screen shoots so that we can pin point the issue . Please provide following,

  1. screen-shoot including the full url where you get the 500 error
  2. You account name / user id used while getting the error
  3. Your full form in-link
  4. Exact timestamp when you had seen the error


When I click on the option, view form submission data, I get the error as below

We need urgent assistance, as we are unable to see the data

User id is

Hi @uaebsagt , sorry for the delay am tying to find the issue . would update as soon as we have a resolution.

Kind Regards,

@Mehran, please we need to get this resolved asap. We have ongoing updates and currently am stuck because of this error

Hi @uaebsagt ,
Please test now .It should be good to go now.

Kind Regards,

Perfect, working fine. Thanks a lot for your support