Please Help Me Understand .

  1. I can create an app that runs a multi-step form on late model iPads, correct?
  2. Can this form be configured to directly save its data to a mysql or other relational database via an api connection to the online server?
  3. Can this form app be configured to work in offline mode, saving its data to a local device data store on a phone or ipad when the device is offline?
    And then synch the data when the device is online again later?
  4. Does the app code only reside on the FormBot cloud premises?
  5. Can the produced files be exported out of the FormBot cloud?
  6. Is the app submitted under the FormBot Apple ID and Developer account?

I’ll leave it at that for the moment!
Thank you for relevant, detailed responses. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Zeus,
Thanks for using the formbot app . Here are the answers inline.

  1. yes you should be able to do that for sure
  2. At this moment we do not have that feature . But we are working on adding the automation features and you should be able to that in near future
  3. It is not supported atm
  4. Yes
  5. Submissions can be exported as csv , you can look into submissions section
  6. The current live version lets you do shortcut app for ios and android . We are also going to support providing ios and android build files that you can release in app stores with you own name in near future

Kind Regards,