Unable to Pay, payment page unresponsive

Hi, I tried to you pay for your subscription but it’s not sharing correct data to my bank, due to this transaction got unresponsive.

From your end invoice generating amount is USD 0.00, please rectify.

Hi @ideacubes ,
I did do few test on of my users payment page and did not find any issues . Could you please provide following details.

  1. Which package you had selected and the link
  2. Did you select the package form https://www.formbot.com pricing page or tell me the path that you took for payment?

Kind Regards,

I tried to activate USD9.99 per month package. I already used your 14 days trial period. My login email is: leads.subhwanti@gmail.com.

Can you please share a payment link in given mail id?


It is showing a green box written Success but nothing changed. I can also use Paypal for payment. Please help me.

I am guessing its some kind of security measure from the indian banking system . The payment right now goes though stripe . Unfortunately, we are yet to activate payments using PayPal [we should support soon].

As requested have sent you a payment link . Keep me posted how it goes.

Kind Regards,

I do see details of you 3 tries on our payment system . It did not go through do to following reason .

Yes, Yes, Yes. Finally it worked. I paid 9.99 USD for this month subscription.

Thank you for your support…

Can you please activate my plan, currently it is showing no active subscription.


I am looking into the issue does not seem like it connected to the user in the app . I see you have 3 incomplete payments for the app user . Let me try to see if we can somehow link the successful payment
on the payment link with the original user from the app.

Hi, I’ve already paid from the given link. I already shared the screenshot to your mail.

Hi Maamehran,

See, I want to reactivate an existing form : https://app.formbot.com/forms/d0e1efd0-e1a8-44b0-9b8f-b98ab5702812 with some modification. If you can find any process to edit and reactivate it, my job is mostly done. So please check if you can help me on that.


I would update you asap . Am on it .

Please find a solution asap, even the security of my employment is in jeopardy. Everyone is started blaming me. It’s really strange even after paying you cant not activate the membership.

Looking forward for a immediate solution.

I am really sorry to see you in this situation and unfortunately its beyond my control. As the payment provider requires you do do otp it d not sync in until you do so . As i think both of the payments was related to you i have issues full refund . Please try to do it though the app and it should work. Sorry for the inconvenience .

Well, sorry to hear that. Yes both of the payment issued from my end. Thank you for refunding the entire amount. But that will not solve the problem. Are able to extent the trial period for another 14 days so in meanwhile both we can find some solution.

I have extended your trail to 14 more days from you last trail [2024-01-21] . You can try to do the OTP step in the meantime .

Kind Regards,

Hi Meheran,

Thanks a ton, you just saved my life. It’s really a very kind approach from your end,
Only one thing I am little confused about that the form that I shared with you can not be found in the form list, I really need to modify the form and reactivate it. (https://app.formbot.com/forms/d0e1efd0-e1a8-44b0-9b8f-b98ab5702812).